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Tara's Tutoring & More NYC


                   Welcome To Tara's Tutoring & More NYC

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Homework Support, Tutoring,

Tutoring Child Care, Child Care

 Creative Enrichment and 

Customized Activities


Services: homework support, tutoring, child care, creative enrichment, customized activities.

I am also a teaching artist and writer with over 15 years of NYC experience. am focused, upbeat 

and joyfully engage with learners of all ages, learning styles & levels.


I thoughtfully guide others to improve academic performance, grades, increase confidence

and enjoy learning.  I tutor in-person and remotely, both one on one and also with groups/pods. 


I will work with your schedule and grade level.  Are you looking for after school tutoring

or homework support? Weekend tutoring?  Tutoring to support remote learning?  A home

school tutor?  Great!  I am here to assist all students on their academic and creative journeys by

customizing an individual tutoring, homework support or creative enrichment program for

each learner.


I also create customized, vibrant, engaging activities for parties, special events & workshops. 

 I also lead the parties, special events and workshops.

I also offer Tutoring and/or Homework Support and/or Creative Enrichment AND Child care

together : Tutoring Child care.  See below.

Ages Served:  Early Childhood and up


Populations Served:  IEP/Special Needs/Special Education, Learning Disabilities/Challenges, 

ADD/ADHD, Honors/IB/AP, Gifted and Talented, General Education, ELL/ESL.


Subjects/Areas Of Focus:  I am a Writing Tutor, Reading Comprehension Tutor, English and 

Acting Tutor.  Looking for a History Tutor or Social Studies tutor?  That's me, too.   I am also a 

Study/Organizational Skills Tutor, Executive Functioning Tutor, Special Needs and

Learning Disabilities Tutor.  Looking for an Early Childhood or Pre-School tutor?  I'm here! 


Other Subjects/Areas of Focus:  TEST PREP (T&E, FLI, ISEE, SAT, ACT, SSAT, TACHS) Hunter College

Campus Schools Admissions test: ELA & Writing, Bergen County Academies Admissions test:

Essay & ELA, ISEE Admissions test: verbal, reading comprehension, essay. Admissions Prep: 

Interview Coaching, College and Career Coaching, High School, College and Graduate school 

Application Essays and Personal Statements. ALSO: Various College subjects. Creative Writing

(Fiction, Non-Fiction, Screenwriting, Playwriting, Editor/Writing Coach), Expository Writing, Film,

Theatre, Acting, Public Speaking, Film Studies,Visual Art (Poetry Comics/Graphic Novels Painting,

Drawing), English, Early childhood numeracy, literacy, Creative Movement, Art, Science, More. 

I Have Been Hired By :  Bank Street School for Children, Friends Seminary, Hunter College,

Manhattan Country School, 92nd Street Y, The JCC of the Upper West Side, The New York

Public Library, Teachers & Writer's Collaborative, West Side Y, Village Community School,

The Writer's Voice of the West Side Y and more.

I Have Also : Created and conducted programs and written material and curriculum in:

Creative Writing, combining Visual Art with Creative Writing (Poetry Comics/Graphic novels),

Literacy, Theatre (teaching and directing), Leadership/Conflict Resolution and other areas. 

I have taught professional development workshops and partnered with classroom teachers to

co-teach academic subjects, integrating the arts, State Standards and The Theory of Multiple

Intelligences into the curriculum, thus enriching, enlivening and supporting classroom study.

More About Tara:

* Energetic College Graduate

* BA in Theatre: Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

* Graduate Classes: Smith College, Northampton, MA, 

    and Bank St. College of Ed, NYC

* Native English Speaker

* Long-time Upper West Side resident

* Non-Smoker

* Prose Fellowship- NJ State Arts Council

* Patient, Active Listener

*Background in Professional NYC Theatre Directing/Film/TV Production

* I believe in making learning enjoyable

   and treating everyone with respect


                                               "Learning should be a joy and full of excitement. 

                                              It is life's greatest adventure."

                                                                                                                - Taylor Caldwell, novelist





Customized Tutoring:

I customize every tutoring session and actively partner with students and parents.  I enjoy assisting students of all ages and learning styles to work toward their potential in an environment that is nurturing, energized, creative and inclusive.


*Exciting, Enriching, Engaging
*Innovative, Inspiring and Interactive
*Age Appropriate
*Infused with Learning Activities thoughtfully selected for each student

*Early Childhood through College and Adult learners

*Various Areas.  See above under "Subjects and Areas of Focus."

*Don't see what you need?  Just ask! 

Students Served:

Pre-School, Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, Graduate school, Adult


Populations Served:

General Education, Special Needs/IEP,

Learning Disabilities/Challenges,

Gifted and Talented/IB/AP, ELL/ESL          


*Writer/Teaching Artist/Tutor
*Over 15 years of New York City teaching artist experience

*Passed background and fingerprint check from New York Dept. of Ed

*Award-winning writer: Prose Fellowship- NJ State Arts Council;  Bechtel Prize Semi-Finalist  

*NY theater, film, TV production: MTV, NBC, NICKELODEON, VHI, Merchant/Ivory Productions 





Customized Creative Adventures




Thanks for your interest.

I look forward to hearing from you

and customizing a tutoring or homework support or creative enrichment and/or child care program

to meet your needs.

Please click below to email me. 




Home: Testimonial


                                 Testimonials About Tara:


    "I hired Tara to teach my eleven-year-old son how to write an engaging essay. The goals were for him to not only strengthen his writing, but to also improve his chance at admission

to the highly selective Hunter College Campus School.   Hunter requires prospective students to write an essay as part of their on-site admissions test.  Thanks to Tara’s help, both goals

were achieved."

   "Tara is a professional writer and her skill was evident. She showed my son how the writing process can be fun, while letting him know that to become good at anything requires regular practice. She taught him how to write using rich details and examples and she was kind and funny. My son liked Tara a lot and he definitely improved his writing skills under her guidance.

Tara fluidly conveyed to my son how to transform an essay into an interesting and vibrant story. She is not only a tutor, but also a professional writer in command of the art. I highly

recommend Tara."
                                                                                    -Amy R.


"Tara is a talented, original woman with a particular gift for working with young people."


                                                                                      -Patty Dann
                                                                                    Writing Instructor & Author of Mermaids

                                                                                    (Made into a Golden Globe nominated film

                                                                                    starring Cher & Winona Ryder)

"Tara’s customized, age-appropriate and interactive Early Childhood, Kindergarten admissions prep and test prep activities are engaging and educational. Our child loves working with Tara on drawing, letter and number identification, writing, reading comprehension, sequencing, learning in English and more. Our child has improved in

important critical thinking and expressive language skills. I highly recommend Tara."

                                                                                                                                              -Katerina M.


"Tara has been working remotely with my two middle school children on creative writing, English, History and school application essays.  She is engaged and enthusiastic.  Tara is also perceptive and a fantastic listener.  She guides my children to think both critically and creatively.  Most importantly, my children love working with her!  I highly recommend Tara."


                                                                                                                                               - Yasmine M.

"I love Tara's remote help with my contemporary adventure novel.  Tara is patient and gives great advice.  She has lots of awesome ideas to help me shape my story.  She also encourages my own creativity.  If you're a kid who likes to write, or would like to write better, call Tara."

                                                                                                                                                - Charlotte C.  6th grader

"Tara helped my daughter remotely with her college essays. My daughter improved her writing skill a lot. So far, she’s been accepted to every college. We very much appreciate Tara's help.”

                                                                                                                                                   -Wei S.

"Tara is kind, imaginative, upbeat, interactive, and adapts easily to different learning styles and needs.  She tutored my first grade child in reading, reading comprehension and writing.

I highly recommend Tara as a tutor."

                                                                                                                                               -Barbara M.

"I highly recommend Tara as a tutor for twice exceptional (2E) students.  Tara worked remotely with my creative, gifted high school-age son. He has ADHD and, I believe, dyslexia.  The remote sessions were excellent; just as good as in-person sessions. Tara guided him to strengthen his writing, reading, and reading comprehension. Tara also assisted my son with SAT verbal prep, research methods and study/organizational skills. Tara is wonderful at understanding a student’s needs, both academically and emotionally.  Her expertise and insight helped guide my son to not only strengthen the above-mentioned areas, but to also become aware of his learning style. To this end, Tara encouraged my son to advocate for himself through encouraging him to recognize what he needs to succeed. Most importantly, my son loved working with Tara and now feels more confident as a learner."

                                                                                                                                            -Andreja S.



                   TUTORING CHILD CARE

           Looking For Tutoring or Homework Support   

          and/or Creative Enrichment AND Child Care?


                                          I'm Here To Help

* Over 15 Years of Experience: Sitter/Nanny/Tutor/Homework Support 

* Ages four and up

* Part Time and Occasional 

* Regular Ed/Special Needs/Gifted and Talented

* Also Offered: Tutoring Only.  Homework Support Only. Child care only. 

* I Can Also COMBINE any of the above services, to Create A CUSTOM Situation 

WHAT IS TUTORING: Teaching or re-teaching some or all of the material and/or teaching or re-teaching organizational/study skills and/or Other Academic and/or 

Creative Skills.

WHAT IS HOMEWORK SUPPORT: Asking questions and/or making statements to help guide the student, so they may better understand the material, often using knowledge and/or skills they already have.


"Tara provided loving and enthusiastic child care for my daughter. Due to Tara’s understanding of multiple learning styles, she customized caregiving to best meet my daughter’s needs. Tara’s many skills and talents make her an ideal choice for child care, tutoring and teaching."

                                                                -Shelley W.


                                  I Look Forward to Creating

           A Customized Situation That Meets Your Needs

                                                 Different Services Have Different Rates

                                                  I Will Do My Best To Work With Your Budget

                                                          Please Contact Me To Discuss Details:




                  TARA'S ACTING, ART & WRITING 


               Fun, Interactive, Vibrant and CUSTOMIZED

       Activities for Parties, Special Events & Workshops

                                       ANY THEME  OR OCCASION

                                              In-Person and Remote

                                    Perfect for Children, Teens, Families and Groups


                                            Choose A NYC Park Or Playground &

                                            I’ll Meet You There For:

                                         Joyous Celebrations of Imagination and Fun


* Imaginative Writing 

* Creative Movement to Music 

* Cartooning or Poetry Comics

* Comedy 

* Drama:  Theatre Games, Improv, Creating/Acting Out Original Scenes & More

* Creative Combo: Select Two or More of The Above, or Make a Suggestion

* Single or Multi-session options

Are you looking for Children's Party Entertainment in New York? Do you need Children's

Party Services?  What about Cool Ideas for Kids Parties?   I am an expert Teaching Artist

who leads Workshops, Parties and Special Events.  I also Create Custom Party and Event Activities That Come To You.    

                                                                   RAVE REVIEWS FOR TARA:

"Tara is fabulous.  She led a multi-session workshop featuring creative writing, acting and visual art activities for a group of elementary school-age students. The highly interactive remote sessions were outstanding, as if Tara were right next to them. Tara’s insight, positive energy and love of children,

plus her ease at meeting them at their level, was evident. The children’s writing, art and acting was terrific. It truly reflected the time and care Tara put into creating customized activities. The children loved working with her.  Three (hundred) cheers for Tara!"

                                                                                                             -Nidhi A.

                                                           Please Contact Me To Discuss Details: 







Customized Creative Adventures
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